The HEXATRAC PLUS is a robust lightweight drive system that was developed as a result of listening to our customer’s request for a lightweight fastener that uses a standard hex socket. Functionally, HEXATRAC PLUS performs the same as a standard heavy hex flange bolt while simultaneously providing a 25-35% reduction in head weight by eliminating unnecessary material from the head. Extensive testing was performed on the HEXATRAC PLUS drive system to confirm there are no concerns with head integrity or corrosion resistance.The HEXATRAC PLUS drive system has a comprehensive set of standards including manufacturing know-how and gaging to ensure a consistent quality product.



  • Fits within the same envelope as a standard heavy hex head.
  • Replaces a heavy hex flange bolt while having a 25-35% head weight reduction
  • Uses standard hex sockets
  • Performs equally well with surface drive sockets
  • Drive System strength 3X the torque required to yield the fastener when using a standard hex or surface drive socket

Ideal Applications

  • Any place a heavy hex bolt is currently used in interior applications
  • Any exterior applications where the bolt is horizontal or the head is down