Neverfriction® is an alternative to Zinc-Phosphating. This special coating is designed specifically for high strength fasteners used in a lubricated environment like internal engine or transmission applications. The coating process does not pit the surface of the fasteners so fatigue life is extended. This special coating provides for very consistent torque-tension performance, when tested according to ISO 16047.

NEVERFRICTION® is a registered trademark of Fontana Fasteners R.D. S.r.L. and GLOMAX S.r.L.


  • Narrow and consistent coefficient of friction range after multiple tightenings.
  • Increased fatigue performance
  • Water-based
  • No contact with acid solutions
  • Dip-spin process (applicable in standard dip-spin line)
  • Dry to touch
  • Available worldwide

Ideal Applications

  • Internal Engine and Transmission critical bolts
  • High Strength bolts