Since its introduction, TORX PLUS® Drive has consistently outperformed every other drive system. The true 0˚ drive angle virtually eliminates the radial forces and stresses. Reduced contact stress also reduces coating damage that can occur in other recess designs. The straight, vertical sidewalls of the TORX PLUS® Drive System virtually eliminates cam-out. The elliptically-based geometric configuration of the TORX PLUS® Drive System maximizes engagement between driver and fastener. Ergonomic studies demonstrate that the TORX PLUS® Drive System can reduce fatigue and muscular stress during the manual assembly of fasteners. That is because little or no end load is required to keep the driver engaged with the fastener. Its longer tool life and optimal torque transfer have enhanced product reliability, increased productivity, and reduced total assembly costs on assembly lines in a multitude of industries around the world.

TORX PLUS® Drive System Internal Benefits

  • Straight, vertical sidewalls virtually eliminate camout
  • Elliptical-based geometric configuration maximizes the engagement between driver bit and fastener recess spreading driving forces over the surface area and extending tool life
  • The system virtually eliminates the radial forces that can cause stress on fastener recesses
  • Reduce fatigue and muscular stress during manual assembly due to little to no required end load
  • Ensuring optimal torque transmission, The high torque transfer capabilities means it can utilize increased seating torques without increasing current bit usage levels. These capabilities are also important during removal of a fastener in service environments, where corrosion can cause seizing in the joint.
  • 25% average improvement in driver bit torsional strength over TORX® Drive System.
  • 100% average improvement in driver bit life; many users of the TORX PLUS® Drive System have driven 2 to 10 times more fastener per drive tool.
  • The TORX PLUS® recess completely enclosed the driver tip, reducing tool slippage as well as costly and unsightly damage to the fastener and surrounding surfaces.
  • TORX® Drive tools can be used to remove and reinstall TORX PLUS® Drive recess fasteners in service conditions

TORX PLUS® Drive System External Benefits

  • Designed with the same elliptically-based geometry as the internal drive system, this version allows the highest torque transfer available
  • The external TORX PLUS® Drive provides 10% more torsional strength than the same-sized external Torx® Drive.
  • TORX PLUS® sockets are required for installation and removal, as TORX® sockets are not compatible.
    Available in fastener sizes M0.6 – M24 (#0000 – 1#)

External TORX PLUS® Low-Profile and Ultra Low Profile Head
This version provides high torque transfer in a low head height

  • Higher torque transfer capabilities than corresponding internal recesses
  • Head height similar to pan or indented hex head
  • Lower weight than pan or indented hex head fastener
  • Requires special socket
  • Standard sizes M0.6 – M24 (#0000 – 1”)
  • Also available with autosert for reduced cycle time in automated assembly

Dual Drive Systems
The TORX PLUS® Drive System can be combined with either an external hex or a slot to provide a dual drive system.

  • Provide the option of driving or removing the fastener with commonly available TORX PLUS® tools or with a hex socket or slotted screwdriver
  • The slotted TORX PLUS® fastener has a slot that is enclosed at the ends, so the driver is less likely to slip out and damage surrounding surfaces

TORX PLUS® Stick fit bit
A taper along the flute centerline suited for non-magnetic horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Stable stick-fit between drive tool and recessed part.
  • Suitable for manual and automated applications where the orientation of the fastener changes between the time the fastener is engaged on the bit and the time the fastener enters the nut thread

The compound angle ramps of the AUTOSERT® feature guide the driver bit into the recess, creating a self-centering and engaging action. It’s the perfect solution for automated, robotic and other assembly situations where the driver bit is continuously rotating.

  • Allows for higher rpm engagement
  • Speeds engagement
  • Reduces assembly time
  • Increased productivity

Tamper-Resistant TORX PLUS® Drive

This unique TORX PLUS® variation incorporated a five lobe design and a solid post formed in the center of the recess.

  • When combined with a countersunk or button head design, the fastener is extremely difficult to remove without a special tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® Drive tool.
  • Installation is quick and easy with the proper tool
  • Recognized as the only truly tamper-resistant drive system – The preferred internal drive system defined in SAE specification J2317 (Tamper Resistance for Adjustable Parameters on Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps)
  • Available in fastener sizes M2.5 – M25 (#3 to 1”)

Tamper-Resistant AUTOSERT® TORX PLUS® Drive

Combine the automation benefits of the AUTOSERT® feature with the tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® to get manufacturing benefits and security benefits for the end user.

TORX PLUS® MAXXTM Stem Fasteners
TORX PLUS® MAXXTM Stems allow the highest level of torque delivery that can be placed on the end of a fastener or ball stud versus previous design methods. Assembly speed, downtime, worker comfort, scrap and rework are all improved while attaining the tightest joints possible for an improved product.

  • Allows a threaded part to be held by TORX PLUS® MAXXTM stem end while the nut is rotated
  • Engineered High-Torque solution to holding a stud or ball stud in place as the nut is tightened

TORX PLUS® A OversizeTM Recess
For fasteners that require an organic finish, due to the coating process, the coating builds up more at the “A” lobes than at the “B” lobes. As a result, the recess was designed to accommodate the coating buildup by oversizing only the “A” dimension.

  • The A oversizeTM provides space for the coating to go without interfering with the Drive bit
  • Maintaining the “B” diameter ensures maximum drive system strength