The TORX® Drive System was specifically designed to provide a simple, cost-effective solution to the problems inherent in the process of installing and removing fasteners. Used in a multitude of industries, the TORX® Drive System can enhance product reliability, increase productivity and reduce total assembly costs – all of which are keys to remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.





  • Greater depth of tool and lobe engagement while minimizing tool slippage
  • No camout forces are created to push the driver up
  • Since camout is virtually eliminated, little to no end load is required
  • High torque transfer and drastically reduced radial forces resulting in longer tool life
  • Driving forces spread over a broad surface
  • Same drive systems can be used for both metric and imperial screws thereby reducing number of drive tools
  • Quality enhanced through single sourced gaging program





  • Provides an excellent alternative to hex or 12-point drives
  • External TORX® sockets are smaller in diameter than standard hex sockets used for the same-size fastener
  • Provides greater flexibility when designing for drive socket clearance





The special TORXALIGN® bit is designed with a slight taper to provide a wedging effect when the bit is inserted into the fastener recess. This is particularly useful in holding nonmagnetic fasteners on the driver during manual installation.





This unique TORX® variation incorporated a solid post formed in the center of the recess during the heading process. When combined with a countersunk or button head design, the fastener is extremely difficult to remove without a special tamper-resistant TORX® Drive tool. Unlike other tamper-resistant fasteners, installation on the production line is easy with the proper tool.





Automatic torque monitoring is made possible by the AUDITORX® Drive head which is designed to break off a predetermined torque level. The standard AUDITORX® Drive leaves a hex drive for later field service. The tamper-resistant AUDITORX® Drive fastener leaves a rivet-like head to prevent removal.





The TORXSTEM™ is primarily used in Double-end stud applications but can also be used for hold and drive applications. Since most double-end studs lack a drive system, it is necessary to grip the threaded portion of the stud in order to drive it, which can result in thread damage. A special external TORX® configuration extruded onto one end of the double-end stud simplifies driving. We refer to this as a TORXSTEM™ Double-end stud. They are installed using a TORX® socket to increase productivity and reduce thread damage.





The TORX® Drive System can be combined with either an external hex or a slot to provide a dual drive system.

  • This provides the option of driving or removing the fastener with commonly available TORX® tools or with a hex socket or slotted screwdriver
  • The slotted TORX® recess has a slot which is enclosed at the ends, so the driver is less likely to slip out and damage the surrounding surfaces





  • Molded directly into application which increases assembly efficiency
  • Provides maximum resistance to rotation and pull-out
  • Can be used in materials susceptible to cracking

TORX® configuration allows deep lobe engagement

  • Increases torsional resistance
  • Increases pull-out resistance
  • Reduces stress risers

Flange on top of head enhances performance

  • Increases pull-out resistance

Threaded shaft for seating nut member
Designed to be molded directly into component or carrier strips, allowing multiple fasteners to be installed at one time

  • Reduces assembly time
  • Reduces part numbers and associated costs
  • Reduces overall costs