Camcar is happy to announce that we have purchased the assets of our partner, Ttapdrive AS on 24May2023.

After two years of work by the TC20/SC4 committee, the new TORX PARALOBE™ ISO standards are complete and published.

Strux SM™, from the developers of the original Strux® clinch stud, comes the latest member in our clinch family

CAMCAR’s TORX® Drive System combined with Ttapdrive’s ttap® unique stability button offers and improved drive system alternative.

TORX PLUS® has been in use in aerospace for many years. What is the reason? To start, TORX PLUS® can transmit higher torques compared to other drive systems and do it without cam-out.

We are pleased to announce and introduce the world to CAMCAR InnovationsSM. We are the same trusted company you have known as Acument Intellectual Property and Licensing